Spiral Six were formed in 2010 when Colin, Mike and Ross, who were working together in an originals band, decided to recruit vocalist Ryan and put together a wide-ranging repertoire of covers. The name came about because the band is Coventry-centric (the city of three spires) and the original lineup briefly had six members - when two members left and weren't replaced, the name was kept because it's nicely alliterative and because if numbers in band names always represented the number of members, there would be significant problems for U2, Level 42, and the B52s.

The band's first gig was at the Casa Bar in Tamworth in June 2010. Since then, they have played at assorted Midlands venues and are always on the lookout for more places to play. They have also played at parties and wedding receptions at various venues through the Midlands.

Original drummer Ross had to move to North Yorkshire, and new drummer Martin has stepped in to replace him.

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